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July 3, 2017

A great strategy is to use Brawl Stars Piper’s Poppin to escape and deal damage at the same time. Learn more about Piper in Brawl Stars here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Piper!!  Yes, indeed, the team is adding a brand new Brawler to enjoy some brawling action.

 brawl stars piper
Rarity Epic
Type Ranged
HP 600
Primary Attack Para Strike – Deals 420 DMG at max range. The further the range, the stronger it is. At point blank range, it only deals 130 DMG.
Super: Poppin’ – Deals 200 DMG per grenade. Piper deploys 3 grenades and flies away from harm.
Star Power: Ambush – Piper will get an additional +400 DMG (at max range) if she’s hidden under a bush.
I’m sorry Android users, seems like iOS users will get to enjoy Piper. There is still no word from the Brawl Stars team on when the game will reach Android.

Brawl Stars New Brawler Piper

Don’t be discouraged with her cute princess-y look. She can pack quite a punch to ward off her suitors. Her attack, Para Strike has a whopping 460 DMG per hit! Yep, it is kind of short of Dynamike’s Big Barrel o’ Boom at 500 DMG. That is just her regular attack. Her Super Attack, Poppin’ deals 300 DMG for each grenade. She throws 3 grenades that explode right away.

Piper is made to be a ranged unit. She deals a complete 420 DMG at maximum range. Her attack deals less if the opponent is close. As you can see in the gif above, at an almost max range, Piper can deal 426 DMG. In her mid-range, she deals 312 and up close and point blank she can only deal 130 DMG. With her attacks, it is highly recommended that she stays far away from the action.
Her Super, Poppin’, is used as a getaway. She deploys it right on the spot and flies away to a target area. Make sure you do it to get away! Remember, she only deals 130 DMG at point blank. You don’t want her charging in. She only has 600 HP too. Again, keep her away from the action.

When to use Poppin’

The great way to use her Poppin is whenever Brawlers are ganging up on Piper. Use it to get away and deal damage at the same time. This will also give you enough room a powerful range shot. As she also flies, you can also use it to get near a weak Brawler (around 130 HP or less) to finish him/her off.

Piper’s Ambush

Piper’s attack is now deadlier than ever! Her Star Power gives her an additional 400 DMG at max range. If you look at the gif above, she just made a whopping 2211 to those brawlers. She just needs to be in the bush in order to activate the Ambush Star Power.

Piper’s Range

As an epic unit, Piper has the third longest range in the game. Ricochet is the first, Brock is the second, she lands at third. Take note that she deals meager damage at close range.

Against Bo, Crow, and Spike, this epic card has the farthest range. She is a perfect back-up and support from afar. She has a low HP of 600 so you better move her as much as possible.

Piper and Events

With her great range, I would try her out during Bounty events. She can easily snipe out incoming units in the middle of the map. Always try to remain within the confines of the base. Her max range has the highest DMG, make sure it counts. If those Brawlers are coming for her, you know what to do, use her Poppin’ to deal damage and escape.

She can also do good during the Smash & Grab events. Targeting far Brawlers is her specialty, especially those Brawlers who already have a ton of Crystals running away. This is a great use of her range x DMG. Just wish you also have a tanker in the team to get those fallen Crystals as she can not rush in due to her small health.

Piper in Heist is cool too. Remember that Barley and Brock can do direct damage to the safe after destroying the wall. What more with her 420 ranged DMG. She can also fly away to evade defending Brawlers.

Using Piper in Showdown Events can be a little tricky. It’s like using Brock and Bo. Once you get your fill of power-ups, make sure to hide! You don’t want to face El Primo face to face. You can deplete his HP though if you see him running. This way, you can discourage him in trying to charge your way.

Piper Balance Updates

  • On September 2017 Update, Piper’s Max attack got another nerf. It can now deal 420 DMG at max range.
  • On August 16, 2017, Piper’s Max Attack is decreased from 460 to 440. Also, her Super is decreased from 300 to 200.
  • On July 6, 2017, Piper’s Poppin now charges 25% slower
  • Piper was added to the game on July 3, 2017.

Overall Score for Piper

As a new Epic unit in the game, you will now have an additional chance of getting an Epic. Of course, I understand it’s raining 1 Elixir bottles and common units, but still. The way I see it, she can be tough if she’s practicing her range but once she’s 1 vs 1 with El Primo, well, you know who will win. On Showdown’s top 3, unless the other 2 is already brawling it out, she can win the match. Make sure to not use her super though, as this might fly her towards the Poison.

All the images and gifs are from Yarn from Orange Juice. You can watch his full video HERE.

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