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September 5, 2017

Straight from the beta comes Brawl Stars Pam. Learn some tips and tricks on how to use her properly in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Pam, also known as, Mama J. She is one of two Epic units in the game together with Piper.

brawl stars pam
Rarity Epic
Type Ranged, Healer
HP 1000 → 1050 → 1100 → 1150 → 1200 → 1250
Primary Attack Scrapstorm – Pam will use scrap metals and spew bolts and nuts that deal 40 DMG per bullet.
(lvl 2 → 42, lvl 3 → 44, lvl 4 → 46, lvl 5 → 48, lvl 6 → 50)
Super: Mama’s Kiss – Mama’s Kiss will make you feel better. At level 1 it can heal 80 per second and it has 900 HP.
(lvl 2 → 83/sec at 945 HP, lvl 3 → 86/sec at 990 HP, lvl 4 → 89/sec at 1035 HP, lvl 5 → 92/sec at 1080 HP, lvl 6 → 95/sec at 1125 HP)
Star Power: Mama’s Hug – Pam can now heal herself and other brawlers without the help of her super. She just needs to use her Scrapstorm, hit an enemy, and she and her friends will restore 30 HP.

She is said to be Jessie’s mama thus giving her an initial Mama J name. With her ability to heal, she can be any brawlers’ mom during events.

Brawl Stars Pam

Pam is one out the two new Brawlers introduced in the September 2017 update. Since the devs revamped the Brawlers’ rarity, she sits together with Piper as an Epic brawler. You can also buy her for 60 Chips. If you can still remember the leaked brawler, Minigunner, this is she.

Yeah, I know her Scrapstorm isn’t much for 40 DMG per bullet but she fires it from left to right in a wide area. I guess that’s the damage that you can get in firing bolts and nuts, eh? With her wide range, she is perfect against brawlers who love to move around like Mortis. Her 1000 base HP is almost like Bull’s. She is a bit tanky to cover and shield her teammates while she prepares her Mama’s Kiss.
Everything’s going to get better with Mama’s Kiss. Pam’s super, Mama’s Kiss can recover HP per second. It is not as OP as it sounds as its base recovery can do 80 HP per second and the max can go at 95 HP per second. It can not heal Jessie’s turret and the Safe in Heist. With her having this kind of super, she and Poco can not heal Minions anymore.

When to use Mama’s Kiss

Pam’s super charges really slow. Once you get it available, make sure to plant her Mama’s Kiss in a safe spot. We prefer that it’s hidden behind a wall to make it harder for the other team to take it down. Take note that the opponent can also see its radius and the healing beacon.

Pam’s Mama’s Hug

If you’ll notice from the gif above, whenever Pam shoots with her Scrapstorm and gets a hit, you’ll see a green circle. Teammates who are within that green circle will also have the chance to heal 30 HP. Even if you already have the Healing Station around, Pam’s Mama’s Hug will still be there.

Pam’s Range

Since we still don’t have her unlocked, we can compare her range to Shelly and Poco. The length of her range is a tad shorter than Shelly and a little slimmer than Poco’s. She sprays her metal scraps from left to right dealing chip damage to the enemy.

Pam and Events

Pam in Smash & Grab

Pam is a great support unit in Smash & Grab. She can deny incoming brawlers with her wide spray damage. With her chunky HP, she can also shield a wounded buddy back to safety. Her Mama’s Kiss is effective too. If you place it just right, behind a wall near the mine, you and your teammates can easily run towards it and still be ready for a gem drop.

Pam in Bounty

Having Pam in Bounty is crazy. Have her drop her Healing Station in the key areas of the map if ever you and your buddies need to run for cover. With her metal scrap spray attack, she can deal chip damage and slowly but surely refill her Super back. She has a wide range to which is good for chipping damage and some area denial.

Pam in Showdown

Using her in Showdown may work because of her high HP at 1000. If you plan to use her in this event, make sure to break open a good amount of PowerUp crates before you go into hiding. Remember, she can only deal 40 DMG per bullet.

Pam in Heist

In Heist events, Pam is good if you’re on defense. She has a wide range for any one who tries to get near your safe. You can then plant her Mama’s Kiss either near the entrance to your safe or in the mid area where there’s a lot of action. If you’re on offense, she can be tough to handle as she can only deal little damage.

Pam Balance Changes:

  • On September 4, Brawl Stars introduces her in the game as an Epic rarity.
  • The September 12 Balance Changes gave Pam a few Buffs. They buffed her Healing Station to do 80 HP per second, decreased reload time from 1.8s to 1.6s, made super charge faster with only 20 hits from 21 hits. Her main attack also now spreads less.

Overall Score for Pam:

Support unit must have. She caught the eye of players who want to go pro as her super can heal her buddies as long as it is still up. Although her ATK feels like a tickle, her Mama’s Kiss is really what makes her an Epic brawler. This also the first thing you want to put down if facing against another Pam.

All the gifs are from Lex. You can watch his full video HERE.

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