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June 17, 2017

Nita’s bear has incredible HP. If Nita cannot finish the opposing brawler, the bear can do the job for her. Learn more on how to use Nita in Brawl Stars here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here dropping in for Wonderwall to do Brawl Stars Nita – Guide, Tips, and How to Use. Nita is a common Brawler along with Shelly, Colt, Dynamike and El Primo.

Rarity Common
Type Ranged
HP 3200 | +80 per pin | +160 per badge | +240 medal bonus | +320 Crest Bonus
Attack 680 | +17 per pin | + 34 per badge | + 51 medal bonus | +68 Crest Bonus
Primary Attack Rupture – Nita fires a shockwave that deals damage and makes the ground tremor
Special: Overbearing – Nita summons a druid on a desired location to deal damage for her. Or you can team up with the bear!
Star Power: Bear With Me: Nita and her BBB will now have the ability to heal each other! Nita will heal 180 points whenever her bear hits an opponent and vice versa.

You can easily get Nita inside those Brawl Boxes. After the free Shelly in the game, she’s my second Brawler. She instantly became my main unit (before her nerf) and before I got Poco and Bo. Quite easy to use, to be honest. And did you know, her Big Baby Bear used to have 1200 HP? Yep, but during that first week of the Beta, its HP depletes over time.

Nita Analysis – Guide & Tips

Nita is still close to my heart because of her Big Baby Bear even if I already have rares and Bo. Her rupture can really rupture those Brawlers with 680 DMG. Along with her BBB, Nita is almost unstoppable! To think that for every damage her BBB gives will fill her super gauge ready for another bear. This is probably the reason why the Brawl Stars dev team nerfed her and her bear. They made her reload speed slower and the *Bear now only has 1000 HP without decay. Well since this game is still in Beta, watch out for more Nita changes in the future. *As of December 2017 Update, Nita’s BBB now has 4000 HP and can deal 400 DMG.

Her Rupture Attack has an average range. It can also deal AoE (area-of-effect) damage if you time it just right. Which is just perfect to quickly fill her gauge. I made a mistake by using my elixir on her ATK instead of her BBB. Her BBB pretty much makes Nita. You can follow it around as it tracks down foes. More about her super, Overbearing, below.
Nita’s Overbearing super attack is what makes Nita OP in the game. I think it’s kind of better that they put a stop to her BBB health decay. That way they really need to exhaust their bullets to take it down. If you have those extra elixirs and want to make your Nita your main Brawler, focus on her Super first before anything else. Don’t make the same mistake I did by putting it on her ATK. Her BBB has its own health at 4000 and can deal 400 DMG per swing of its massive arms.

When to use Overbearing

With her BBB having its own HP and ATK, you should put it to your advantage. As it tracks down Brawlers and attacks, use it as a shield while trying to rupture the ground.

Use it like a getaway car! If you’re getting in the heat of the game and slowly lose track of your health, you can use the BBB as a bait. Since it tracks and attacks your enemies, deploy it and start running away. As soon as you recover, move in for the kill.
Big Baby Bear as a tank. As it is tankier than Nita, use it to soak some damage and as a shield. Unless you’re facing Ricochet using his Trick Shot (as his bullets pierce through enemies), this is a highly recommended technique. The BBB will also help you, again, fill her gauge while you’re also dealing damage from behind.

Nita’s Bear With Me

Nita and her Big Baby Bear will now have a better synergy! For every BBB hit against the enemy, Nita will gain 180 HP back. Whenever Nita hits her target, 180 HP will also go to her BBB. Think of it as their own way of “bearing” against each other.
* Note: Gif image is from PowerBang.

Nita’s Range

Nita’s range is about average. It almost has the same length as Shelly and almost same width as El Primo’s. Nonetheless, she can still make a decent AoE damage against other Brawlers. You can do a hit and run technique and just poke around until she maxes her gauge. Once her BBB is ready, you’re ready to roll!

Nita and Events

To be honest, Nita is pretty versatile just like El Primo. She can easily adapt to any event thrown at her. In Smash & Grab, she can poke and run. At the start of the match, she can go with El Primo and the tanks to get a Gem. Hide beneath bushes and then do an attack whenever possible. Once you’ve already maxed your gauge, summon BBB while you collect Gems.

She is also good in Bounty. With faulty matchmaking Brawl Stars has, I faced three Nitas in a match! That is worse than facing three El Primos! Trust me, it was unBEARable. There are bears everywhere me and my team go. I don’t think we got a kill during that match as bears and Nitas are swarming in.

Nita in Showdown matches is quite funny. You should know when to evade and when to attack. Of course, you don’t want to face an El Primo, Shelly, or Bull with 5 power-ups. You should also have power-ups yourself too. As I’ve already used Nita in this event and won, she’s quite OP I tell you. After getting enough power-ups, my BBB is really chunky and beefy. On the last 1 vs 1 match, I think my opponent got overwhelmed with my two Big Baby Bears plus me.

I’m also seeing Nita in Heist, she’s not that popular though. But her BBB can get the attention of the defense team. If the wall is already destroyed, the BBB can also go straight to the safe to deal damage. She can work better if she’s on defense. Her BBB can follow those incoming robbers while you and your team are busy defending it.

Overall Score for Nita

I would recommend using her. She’s pretty easy to use and her BBB is really helpful. If you want to spend elixirs on her, I would suggest putting them on her Super > ATK > HP. If her BBB is upgraded, it will deal more damage and can last longer in the match as its HP is bigger.

She is a versatile Brawler that you can use in all four events in the game.

Nita Updates:

  • December 2017 Update, made Nita’s HP go to 3200 with 680 DMG as base. Her BBB has 4000 HP and 400 DMG.
  • On August 12, 2017, Nita’s Bear will be deployed 25% slower than it was previously.
  • On June 27, 2017, Nita’s reload time is increased from 1 sec to 1.25 sec
  • In the June 2017 Balance Update, Nita’s Bear’s HP is decreased from 1200 to 1000.
    • Also, the bear’s health doesn’t deplete over time anymore.
  • Nita is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Nita plus other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

GIF images are from iChase, you can watch his video HERE.

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