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June 17, 2017

Life Blood allows Mortis to charge at the front of the battle since he will restore his HP with this ability. Learn more about Mortis in Brawl Stars here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here to drop in for Wonderwall to do a Brawl Stars Mortis in depth guide and tips. Mortis is a Mythic unit in the game together with Tara.

 brawl stars mortis
Rarity Mythic
Type Melee
HP 700
Speed 650
Primary Attack Shovel Swing – Mortis dashes forward while swinging his shovel.
Super: Life Blood – Mortis calls bats that will drain health of enemies and will restore his.
Star Power: Creepy Harvest – Mortis will now have the ability to rip his opponent’s soul. For each soul he collects, he will regain 1200 HP.

Currently, there are three available Epic Brawlers in the game. All three of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Mortis’ strength is his ability to dash. This makes him the perfect Brawler in Smash & Grab. He can just swipe those Gems and move away. His weakness, however, is his short range and his slow reload speed. His dash range used to longer than his current range but the dev team nerfed him and imposed a 25% decrease.

Brawl Stars Mortis Analysis – Guide & Tips

I actually expected a Mortis nerf right after facing him in a Smash & Grab event. He is way too fast and evades pretty quickly. He seemed untouchable as he can just use his Shovel Swing to move away. With his nerf on the June 22 Balance Changes, he is now manageable. He can still bag a lot of gems in Smash & Grab but opposing Brawlers can now catch him and steal his loot.

Check out how Mortis can use his Shovel Swing to dash towards those Crystals! The trick here is to get the crystals and move away. Rinse and repeat. Just in case the opponent stands in your way, he/she will have to face his 160 DMG. See how fast he dashes? This is the reason why he is the most favored unit in Smash & Grab. If you’re using Mortis yourself, don’t be too greedy and get more gems if your teammates aren’t ready to back you up. You don’t want to lose all those hard work.
After a long day of harvesting those Gems, Mortis might need a couple of HP refills. His Super, Life Blood, is just perfect for the job. And no, you don’t need Poco‘s help. These vampire bats will deal 200 DMG and will quench his thirst for HP. This 200 is enough to keep him going.

 When to use Life Blood

Mortis’ Life Blood has a very long range. It is also wide to deal AoE damage to any Brawler within his range. His bats can fly through walls too which is kinda nifty. Time his Life Blood correctly by waiting for the right moment when your opponents are within his range. The more Brawlers you hit, the more HP he’ll get! In 3 vs 3 matches, you can get as much as 600 HP if you get all three Brawlers.

Mortis’ Creepy Harvest

Mortis can now collect the souls of his enemies and fallen comrades and use it to restore 1200 HP. If you’ll notice from the gif above, there is a green floating skull, this is the soul he needs to pick up in order to heal. He can disregard or pick it up whenever he needs it.

Mortis’ Range

As a melee Brawler, Mortis has the shortest range of all. He really has to be up close and personal with his opponents. His reload speed is not that good too so I’d suggest to not take down a tanker. If you’re going to use him during Bounty matches, make sure that your opponent is alone and you also have your teammates to back you up.

Mortis and Events

Mortis in Smash & Grab

Smash & Grab is the best event for Mortis. He can use his dash speed to get those gems! Make sure to not charge into the mid area if there are a lot of foes trying to make their camp. He can only snatch those gems once they get distracted. This is where you need the help of your teammates. Once you get a ton, don’t overreach! You don’t want him to drop those precious gems and lose the match.

Mortis in Bounty

The way you use Mortis in Bounty is different. You have to wait for an ambush. The perfect opportunity is when a Brawler is alone. Do his quick dashes and hit him/her with Mortis’ shovel! Once finished, dash away and wait for another. If you see injured Brawlers, you can go ahead and end their misery by doing his dash. Remember, his hits are 160 per DMG, any Brawlers within his reach will get to taste his shovel.

Mortis in Showdown

I have tried Mortis in Showdown and trust me, it is really fun! If you can grab a couple of power-ups, go ahead. If not, you’re still good. I usually roam around the map and doing his dashes while at it. This reveals those Brawlers who are hiding and make them a target to those chunky Brawlers with power-ups. Yes, I shake the beehive! If a Brawler is after you, do his dashes and evade. By doing this, I cut down the number of survivors. During the last 3 Brawlers, I wait for them to battle it out and once their HP is around 200, make his signature dash and win the game.

Mortis in Heist

To be honest, I never ever tried Mortis in Heist. Even against Bots, I haven’t tried it. Since his range is too low, I don’t think he’s a good unit to use in this event. His super is not useful too (if you have a video that disagrees, please share it with us!) Unless you’re always on defense, you can’t count on Mortis to help you rob the safe.

Overall Score for Mortis

Mortis is fun to use. His dashing might need a couple of practice for you to use it properly. He is the man to use during Smash & Grab matches and his Life Blood is a life saver especially if you use it against 2 or more Brawlers. Don’t try to use him during Heist events, unless you want to troll your teammates. He is quite cool to use in Showdown and evade those power hungry brawlers.

Mortis Updates:

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Mortis plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

Gif images are from Lex – Mobile Gaming. You can watch his video HERE.

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  • Zack Somers

    Hi my name is shrimpqueso in game and my current band is Destroyers: I’ve unlocked mortis and got him to lvl 7 so far. My understanding of mortis is that his best use is dashing up the sides of the map and getting to the back line of the enemy team. He can quickly make short work of squishies like brock jesse colt and ricochet, it is not advisable to take on Shelly unless it’s a guaranteed kill because she can two shot you. DO NOT engage the tanks bull or el primo because you’re both melee range and they simply outclass your hp. Other ways mortis is useful is dominating the gen mine because he can dash to the gems and then get away very easily. Because of this it is wise to follow your back line teammates when they are pressured and help peel chasing enemies off them or scoop their gems when they die and quickly run away.

    • taiki-cr

      Hey great guide! Can we put this on the article above?? 🙂