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August 11, 2017

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! After the game dev’s status report, we caught wind of this brand new Brawler that might come our way this September. So yes, we will talk about Brawl Stars Leak Minigunner.

  • Note – Check the update about this Brawl Stars Leak near the end of the article.
brawl stars minigunner

Brawl Stars New Brawler Leak Minigunner

Is it just me, or this new “Brawler” looks like a younger version of Bull? He has the same eyebrows, shirt, and even the boomstick. Well minus the nose ring. But don’t let that Boomstick fool you, it is actually a machine gun. Yes folks, this MiniGunner shoots a mean machine gun with a good wide range.

Brawl Stars Minigunner

brawl stars minigunner 2

Rarity: Epic

This is sort of a sad news to F2P players since Brawl boxes are not really generous in giving out new Brawlers but it’s giving 1 Elixir bottles instead.

HP: 1200

About time that we see a new tank in the game. As of the moment, there are only two tankers in the game that is El Primo and Bull. With Minigunner running around, he can definitely shake the meta and probably give you more options.

Range: Melee

As you can see in the gif above, his range looks similar to how Bull and Shelly spew their bullets. Minigunner, on the other hand, fires single bullets in a wider range. We tagged it as melee as he can deal more damage in close range than in long range. His attack is called Mini Gun. It can deal 60 DMG per bullet.

Super: Bandage Dispenser

Minigunner’s super is what makes him an Epic brawler. Check out how his Bandage Dispenser heals him. As long as he stays within its range, he will have a steady supply of health. It heals him and his teammates in other events. This is really helpful, especially during Bounty. Think of it like Jessie’s turret mixed with Poco’s healing ability. His Bandage Dispenser has HP of its own and doesn’t decay over time.

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In Showdown mode just like on the gif above, it is going to be difficult eliminating Minigunner. He can target that El Primo while he is safe within the range of his Bandage Dispenser.

Minigunner and Events:

Minigunner in Bounty

Here’s what I thought of Minigunner in Bounty – O freaking P! Yes guys, he’ll be OP in this event. He has 1200 HP and he sprays his bullets like crazy. Although, he charges it a tad slow but still. Don’t get me started with his Bandage Dispenser too. That one really won the game. He can put that Bandage Dispenser in those key areas. I would recommend placing it behind a wall or under those bushes. To keep it short, hidden and safe! You don’t want your opponent shooting it down, but anyway, MG can deploy another one.

Minigunner in Showdown

Another game changer here. So far, the three epics in the game – Bo, Mortis, and Piper is getting a tough time in this event. They either go into hiding and then run whenever threatened but this dude right here just blasts them off. With his pretty tight HP at 1200, I am sure he can make previous kings and queen of Showdown a run for their lives.

Minigunner in Smash & Grab

Alright alright, so this event is in Minigunner’s pockets too. All he needs to do is tank, fill his super gauge, and place his Bandage Dispenser to key areas of the map. So where are those key areas? He can put it near the mine, mid left, and mid right. Those are the key spots, why? Because this is usually where your buddies will go into hiding. If you have Mortis on your team, the game is finished. Mortis can then grab those Gems, go near Minigunner’s clinic to regenerate HP and go back again. As easy as that.

Minigunner in Heist

Okay, to be honest, I’m not sure how Minigunner can help out here unless you’re always on defense. I’m also not sure if his super can regenerate the safe’s HP but I’m guessing it can not just like how Poco’s heal can not affect it. If you’re on defense, drop his mini clinics around your base. This will ensure your team will get a steady supply of HP while the offense is trying to bring you guys down.

Minigunner Gameplay Video:

Overall Score for Minigunner:

Shut up and take my money! I know he charges his attacks fairly slow but that Super is really something! Totally a game changer. To be honest, I would like to have him more than the two legendaries I don’t have. I have a hunch that after releasing it (if they release it), he will be nerfed right away. He’s like a walking doctor firing a machine gun, visit his clinic whenever you get hit.

Brawl Stars Minigunner Update:

The rumors and the leaks are true. Brawl Stars indeed released Minigunner but it is under the name of Pam also known as Mama J. Their movements and wide spread of bullets are the same. Minigunner’s Super and Pam’s Super is also the same but it is now called Mama’s Kiss, instead of the initial bandage dispenser. Pam is under Epic rarity and dispenses a Scrapstorm that can deal 40 DMG. Her Super, Mama’s Kiss can heal 80 HP per second and has 900 HP.

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