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June 17, 2017

Brawl Stars El Primo is our recommended melee attacker. Put him in front so that your ranged attackers can deal damage as well!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! I’m here dropping in for Wonderwall to do a Brawl Stars El Primo in depth guide. El Primo is a Common brawler along with Shelly, Colt, Brock, Jessie, Nita, and Dynamike.

El Primo
brawl stars el primo
Rarity Common
Type Melee
HP 1400
Speed 750
Primary Attack Fists of Fury – El Primo will throw punches to the enemy 4 times.
Super: Flying Elbow Drop – Like the luchador that he is, El Primo leaps high and do an elbow drop, dealing damage and pushing away opposing brawlers.
Star Power: El Fuego – El Primo takes it to the skies and lands like a comet every time he uses his super. This deals an additional 480 DMG for 5 seconds.

Bring it on! As of this writing, El Primo is still the best tanker in the game. He has the chunkiest HP at 1300 followed by Bull with 1200. A lucha libre brawler who lets his fist do the talking whenever faced with another Brawler. His Flying Elbow Drop has that picture perfect flair that makes him fly towards his opponents or run away from danger. El Primo’s the man if you’re looking to get up close and personal with your foes.

Brawl Stars El Primo Analysis – Guide & Tips

With his superb HP at 1300, he is usually the brawler of choice by a number of players. At maxed stats, his HP can go up to 1625! That’s a very tough El Primo to put down. His punches can deal 80 damage each and he can throw quite a few in every ammo bar, he is a masked wrestler after all.

Check out how Molt uses his El Primo to finish off Poco. At 9 power-ups he can deal 145 DMG per punch. Which is way too much for Poco to handle. That is why if you’re using El Primo in Showdown, always try to get as many power-ups as much as possible. If you’re facing Nita and her Big Baby Bear, try to dodge the bear by going moving around and targeting Nita instead.
El Primo’s Flying Elbow Drop lets him move towards another Brawler for the kill. It lets him get close to his target to deal those painful punches. Some players also use his super as a getaway move to save El Primo from getting killed or if they are the ones carrying all the gems in Smash & Grab.

When to use Flying Elbow Drop

Aside from that picture perfect pose El Primo is doing for his super, you can use it on both offense and defense. You can see in the GIF above, RumblyTV initially used it to deal damage on a Shelly. He then followed it up with a barrage of punches for the kill. As Poco is already trying to bring him down from behind, he used it again to do an escape.

El Primo’s El Fuego

El Primo’s sizzling hot (literally) with this passive ability. The unlucky brawlers who will receive this improved elbow drop will feel the burn for 5 seconds dealing a total of 480 additional DMG. It deals 80 DMG per tick and there’s no way to douse the fire.

El Primo’s Range

Primo versus Common Brawlers

El Primo versus Mortis

Primo has the second shortest range in among all the brawlers in Brawl Stars. This is the reason why he needs to get close to his opponents and why he also has a super chunky HP. He needs to eat a couple of hits before reaching his opponent. You have to be pretty careful as Shelly is the best counter against our boy El Primo. She has that range and her super can stun Primo for a split second. This gives her enough time to do another round of shots.

El Primo and Events

El Primo in Showdown

The best event for El Primo to showcase his flying fists and elbow is Showdown. You’ll notice that if you’re using Primo in this event, other brawlers will move out of his way even if they’re busy taking down a power-up crate. It is because his HP is already tanky as is. In this event, grab as many power-ups and even steal some from other brawlers. Once you get him really tanky and OP, go hide in a bush somewhere and wait for an ambush. Use his super during tight situations or against a bunch of Brawlers in the last 3.

El Primo in Smash & Grab

In Smash & Grab events, El Primo is mainly used as a tanker. If you have Mortis on the team, use him to distract and push other brawlers away from the mine. This will give your Mortis time and space to grab necessary gems. Just in case your Mortis got hit, you can use his Flying Elbow Drop to catch the culprit and get back the stolen gems. If you have all the gems yourself, use his super to move away from the crowd.

El Primo in Bounty

Just like in the Smash & Grab event, El Primo is also a tank in Bounty. He can use his heavy HP to charge towards the enemy while your other teammates chip in some damage. In some wide open Bounty maps where there are ranged units prowling, make El Primo stick to the side and bushes. You don’t want him to be an easy bait for Piper, Brock or Colt.

El Primo in Heist

El Primo in Heist is very uncommon. He has a short range so he really has to make use of his high HP to get near the safe. He is good if he’s in defense though. Primo will guard the entrance to mid area to stop robbers from coming in. On offense, yes he needs to use his high HP and his Flying Elbow Drop can also break open the walls surrounding the safe. This will make the life his teammates easier.

Overall Score for El Primo

Together with Shelly, they are both dominating the games. Some players are even asking for an El Primo nerf because of his high HP and crazy punches that recharge quite fast. To be honest, players already got used to seeing El Primo a lot that they now figured out how to counter him. This is probably the reason why the Brawl Stars dev team isn’t going to touch him anytime soon.

A little tip though, if you’re using El Primo in Smash & Grab and you’ve already collected a ton of gems, DO NOT charge back out. Stay near the base and stop going out again and proving that you’re super strong. Chances are the other team is waiting for you with torch and forks. You’ll just lose all the gems and make the team lose. If you have all the gems, guard it and stay at the back. Let your other teammates deal with intruders.

El Primo Updates:

  • On the August 12, 2017 Balance Update, El Primo’s HP is buffed to 1400 from 1300.
  • El Primo is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars El Primo plus other comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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