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June 17, 2017

Bo’s arrows explodes, so it doesn’t matter if you are not able to hit the enemy straight on since he might get affected too. Learn more about Bo in Brawl Stars here!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here dropping in for Wonderwall to do an update for Bo! Brawl Stars Bo is one of the first Epic units in the game together with Mortis. Currently, he is under Super Rare with Ricochet, Poco, and Darryl.

 brawl stars bo
Rarity Super Rare
Type Ranged
HP 3200 | +80 per pin | +160 per badge | +240 medal bonus | +320 Crest Bonus
Attack 400 | + 10 per pin | +20 per badge | +30 medal bonus | +40 Crest Bonus
Primary Attack Eagle-eyed – Bo releases 3 arrows that explode.
Super: Catch a Fox – Bo hides traps that, when stepped on, will blow enemy brawlers up, dealing damage in the process.
Star Power:  Circling Eagle – Bo will now have the ability to see 5 tiles further in the bushes. Giving him the skill to kill hiding enemies.

As an *Epic unit, he is a rare catch or should I say an *epic catch! He is a good ranged unit that can plant those amazing traps. To be honest, his traps are my favorite of all. It is hidden and deals 1140 DMG each. If a foe steps on it, he freezes a bit and tries to run and then hits another trap and then another. A total of 3420 DMG, enough to kill a Brawler (not El Primo or Bull of course).

~*After the September Update, Bo is now a Super Rare Brawler

Brawl Stars Bo Analysis – Guide & Tips

Bo shoots three arrows per shot. These arrows AKA his Eagle-eyed attack doesn’t shoot straight but instead scatter inside his triangle range. After his two buffs, one for his reload speed and the other for his HP, the team wants him to be a ranged tank. As a Bo user myself, I don’t really feel like he is becoming one. I guess it is because of his 400 DMG per arrow. But his traps, on the other hand, are a different story.

Indeed, his Catch a Fox super is what made him an Epic Brawler. It does a whopping 1440 DMG for each trap. It freezes the opponent and then will try to run and then step on another trap and another. Which is really cool to see if you managed to kill a Brawler as it also fills up the super gauge.

When to use Catch a Fox

Once you get his Super gauge filled up, it is time to party! You can now easily get rid of the competition. Your teammates can help too. The question is, where to put it.

These traps have to be stepped on before it activates so put them where the other team’s Brawlers love to prowl. During Smash & Grab events, deploy it on the mine or near the opponent’s side of the mine. For sure, somebody will step on it accidentally and will fill your super gauge.

The next ideal spot is to place it where they usually barge in. It can be under the bushes in the middle of the map, at the mid left or mid right. Make sure you pay attention to the sound it makes too. Sometimes Brawlers are too smart and avoid the remaining trap. Now is the time to use your Arrows to bring them down.

Bo’s Circling Eagle

Bo can now see 5 tiles farther in bushes. This is perfect against Brawlers who love to hide in bushes like El Primo or Shelly. This passive ability is also shared with teammates making it easier to hunt for brawlers in Snake Prairie.

Bo’s Range

As a ranged Epic unit, he has the longest range among these triangle ranged Brawlers. Remember that Shelly is a free unit in the game and she is great in Showdown due to her range plus her super. Poco is good in Smash & Grab and Bounty due to his Healing super. Bull, on the other hand, has the shortest range of them all. He is good in Showdown too because of his HP. Although, his super, Bulldozer is a blessing and a curse as he can charge towards the Poison. The only unit that defeats Bo with his triangle range is Crow. Crow is a Legendary unit that dispenses poisonous daggers.

Bo and Events

Even though the Brawl Stars team gave him a buff for his HP, I still consider him as a support unit. He just got a little beefy. During Smash & Grab events, make sure to use his range plus his traps. Once you get his traps going, you are on a roll. Place it on top of the mine and where other Brawlers usually charge in. You will see those Gems dropping in no time, just ripe for the taking.

Using Bo in Bounty is recommended too. I tell you, his traps are the best! As long as you have another teammate paying attention. As soon as they step on one, they are an easy target. Just don’t let them regenerate their HP back though – shoot them right away!

In Heist, I don’t see a lot of Bo users. I tried using him once (when the game is still fresh) to test him out. And trust me, it’s pretty hard. The only way I can use his super is by placing them on the safe and praying that another Brawler steps on it to cause damage.

I haven’t tried using Bo in Showdown. I feel like his skills, attack, and super is not suited for that event. Although he can manage to deal 100 DMG per arrow, it’s not enough to beat any attacker. Almost all those Brawlers are deadly because of those power-up crates. If you wish to use him in Showdown, make sure to collect a lot of power-ups and try to shoot enemies as you go. This will fill his super gauge which is useful during the last 1 vs 1 match.

Overall Score for Bo

I recommend to use him during Smash & Grab and Bounty. During Heist and Showdown events, the chances of winning are fairly low. You should also know how to make him move around. This is also a trick in trying to make sure that at least 1 arrow hits your mark. Your opponent moves around too so try to spread your arrows. Fill your gauge and get ready to party!

Bo Updates:

  • December 2017 Update, multiplied all brawlers’ HP and ATK by 4. This also gave Bo his Star Power that lets him see 5 tiles in bushes that benefits his teammates.
  • The September 12 Balance Changes brought back his traps to 3. The devs also removed its push back effect. They lowered his HP from 900 to 800 but they increased his main attack from 80 DMG to 100 DMG.
  • On September 2017 Update, Bo’s traps are now 4 instead of 3.
  • On August 16, 2017, Bo’s reload time is increased to 1.7 sec from 2 seconds.
  • Bo’s HP is increased from 800 to 900 on the June 27, 2017 Balance Update.
  • Bo is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars. (See our Tier List!)

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Bo plus other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

GIF images are from Clash With Shane. You can check his complete video HERE.

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