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June 19, 2017

Barley is a hit-and-run specialist. Throw bottles then run. Learn more about the Brawl Stars Brawler in this guide!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here filling in for Wonderwall to do Brawl Stars Barley in depth guide! Barley is a rare unit together with Bull, Ricochet, and Poco.

brawl stars barley
Rarity Rare
Type Range
HP 600
Speed 650
Primary Attack Undiluted – Barley throws a bottle whose contents get spilled. Everyone standing there will receive damage
Super: Last Call – Barley throws a bunch of bottles which then covers a wide area on fire.
Star Power: Medical Use – Barley can now heal faster as he will take a swig from his bottled concoction to regain 100 HP. (Only applicable to his primary attack)

Barley is the type of Bartender you don’t want to order your drinks from. He brews his own deadly cocktail that can deal 120 DMG per second. Those are the type of drinks you don’t want to sip anytime soon. His Super, Last Call, can deal the same amount of damage but can cover a larger area. This will ensure that Brawlers caught within his radius will get to taste his concoction.

Brawl Stars Barley Analysis – Guide & Tips

As Barley throws his bottles same as how Dynamike throws his dynamites, they get compared a lot. We already covered the comparison and contrast between the two in THIS ARTICLE. The only thing they have in common is their HP, type of attack, ATK range, and ATK radius.

Barley lobs bottles to his opponents and yes, it is also AoE (area-of-effect) damage same as Dynamike’s. It deals 120 DMG per second so you have to make sure that the Brawler stays within its splatter. As shown in the image above, you have to anticipate your foe’s direction and lay a carpet of death to deplete his/her HP. Just like any other attacks in Brawl Stars, getting a hit will fill your super gauge.
Check out how big he can cover an area. That is Barley’s super, Last Call. As you can see, even Shelly at full health got wrecked. Same as his regular attack, it deals 120 DMG per second but since the area is larger, Brawlers tend to stay longer. Even if they try to run, the clock is ticking and still deals 120 DMG per second. If they survive the attack, they are prime targets of your teammates.

When to use Last Call

Since Last Call’s area of effect is so huge, try to use it along with other Brawlers. Deploy it, as much as possible on 2-3 Brawlers. If you really want to do get rid of a Brawler just like on the GIF above, feel free to do so. The GIF is shot during a Heist event where Barley and Dynamike typically run the match.

You can also use Barley’s Last Call as a move to discourage other Brawlers in chasing you. Once they see those bottles flying, watch them run and hide while you try to catch your breath and regenerate your own HP.

Barley’s Medical Use

Barley can now heal faster as he will take a sip of his drinks before lobbing them at the enemy. He will recover 100 HP per main attack. This ability is not applicable in using his super.

Barley’s Range

This is the reason why Barley and Dynamike are always getting compared. Their attacking style is the same. They both throw their ammo and has the same range and radius. This is for their regular attacks.
Now you can see the reason why Barley is Rare and Dynamike’s a common Brawler. Check out how huge his super’s AoE radius! It’s just massive. It is almost impossible for any Brawler to survive this barrage of bottles if they try to walk away.

Barley and Events

Barley in Heist

Together with Dynamike, they are the menacing duo of the Heist event. As long as there is a tank like Bull or even Shelly, you’re good to go. On both offense and defense, Barley gets the job done. He can ward off those incoming robbers by throwing his deadly concoction. Reading the opponent’s move is a plus! Using him on offense is great too. Once he gets his Super at max, he can aim it towards the safe without even moving near it.

Barley in Smash & Grab

Using Barley on Smash & Grab is purely defensive. You should have at least an 800 HP troop to tank and get those Gems. He is your support from the back. Just like in Heist, he will keep away Brawlers from the mine and even do chip damage. His Last Call is awesome in chasing the Brawler with the highest Gem. Make sure you have your tank with you to snag the Gem spree.

Barley in Bounty

During the Bounty event, his usage is pretty much like how you use him in the Smash & Grab event. Stay at the back and the side bushes. Never make a gamble and charge towards the middle. You don’t want to get killed and give his Stars towards the opposing team. Do chip damage and deploy your super as much as possible. This will help your team rack those stars!

Barley in Showdown

Barley on the Showdown event is quite fun! To be honest, I won first place only once using Barley. And no, I wasn’t camping around. The trick in using him in Showdown is to get as many power-ups as you can. If you see a Brawler, throw a bottle towards him/her. This will charge his super and will also keep him/her away. Once you get enough power-ups, try inch your way towards the middle and evade Brawlers as much as possible. Throw his bottles to ward them off. At the last 3 Brawlers, have them battle each other. If their HP is around 300 – 200, now is the best time for his Last Call. That is really going to be the other Brawler’s last call.

Overall Score for Barley

So to cap it off, Barley is good in all events and stars in Heist. Use him as a support to your teammates and try not to overreach. If his HP is already blinking, run away and recover. Make a carpet of his Poison to your opponent by reading his/her moves. Knowing where he/she might go will give Barley an advantage and will also fill his super gauge. Try him out in Showdown and see how fun it is!

Barley Updates:

  • October 5 balance changes made Barley’s super down to 120 DMG per second.
  • Barley is one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars.

GIF images are from MONSTERDFACE. You can check his video HERE.

Do you have any tips on how to use Brawl Stars Barley plus other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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